Pelorus Chauffeurs: The Premier Chauffeur Service in Warrington


Pelorus Chauffeurs, a chauffeur service company anchored in Southport, has successfully established a strong presence in Warrington. With a unique approach to client service, shaped by nearly 25 years in the Royal Navy Submarine Service, they offer an unparalleled chauffeur experience.

Inimitable Service Ethos

Founded on the principles of the Military Ethos, Pelorus Chauffeurs adopts a positive ‘can do attitude’ towards every client. Their services aren’t just about driving; they represent a commitment to reliability, punctuality and integrity. This ethos is shared by their team of drivers, many of whom have served in the UK Armed Forces.

  • Reliability: Pelorus Chauffeurs is trusted by clients for their exceptionally reliable services.
  • Punctuality: Understanding the importance of time, they ensure punctual services, every time.
  • Integrity: With strong links to the military, they uphold the highest standards of integrity.

Exceptional Experience and Knowledge

Pelorus Chauffeurs have the capability to meet varying client needs, from providing a single car to a fleet of executive vehicles. They are not just drivers but a wealth of knowledge and experience, having served Film & TV Stars, World famous musicians, Premier League Footballers, Politicians, Royalty and even a US President.

Commitment to Safety

All Pelorus drivers have passed a medical assessment and hold a current enhanced DBS check, thereby ensuring the utmost safety and security for all customers.

Pelorus Chauffeurs in Warrington

Pelorus Chauffeurs has been operating throughout the UK, including Warrington, providing clients with dependable, high-quality chauffeur services. They take immense pride in surpassing customer expectations, rather than merely meeting them.

  1. Reliable and punctual chauffeur services.
  2. Highly experienced drivers with military background.
  3. Commitment to safety and security.


Whether you are in need of a reliable daily transportation service or a fleet of luxury vehicles for a special occasion, Pelorus Chauffeurs in Warrington stands out as the go-to choice. With their military background, they offer not just a ride, but an experience that speaks of reliability, punctuality, and integrity.

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