Experience the Luxury Chauffeur Service of Pelorus Chauffeurs in Preston

A Unique Approach to Luxury Chauffeur Services

With a sterling reputation built on a foundation of military precision, Pelorus Chauffeurs brings a unique approach to luxury transport services in Preston. Based in Southport, this established company is committed to providing a first-class experience for their clients across the UK.

Embarking on a Journey with Pelorus Chauffeurs

The journey with Pelorus Chauffeurs begins with their experienced and trusted drivers. Many of them have served in the UK Armed Forces, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and exceptional experience. This professional team is the backbone of the company, ensuring a reliable and punctual service for every client.

Committed to Excellence

Pelorus Chauffeurs is a service that stands out for its commitment to surpassing customer expectations. Their ethos of integrity and reliability, carried forward from their military background, sets the standard for all their services. This means whether you need a single car or a fleet of executive vehicles, you can trust Pelorus Chauffeurs to deliver an exemplary service.

Services Offered in Preston

  • Single car or fleet of executive vehicles
  • Experienced and trusted drivers
  • Reliable and punctual service

Why Choose Pelorus Chauffeurs?

  1. Unique approach to every client
  2. Positive ‘can do’ attitude
  3. Strong links with the Military and Armed Forces community
  4. Exceptional experience in the industry
  5. Commitment to surpassing customer expectations


In conclusion, Pelorus Chauffeurs is not your typical Luxury Chauffeur Service. With their unique approach, commitment to excellence, and strong military links, they offer a level of service that is simply unmatched in Preston. Experience the difference today with Pelorus Chauffeurs.

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