Experience Unmatched Luxury Car Service with Pelorus Chauffeurs in Bolton


At the heart of unparalleled chauffeur services in Bolton is Pelorus Chauffeurs. With a rich history rooted in the Royal Navy Submarine Service, the company offers an exceptional blend of luxury, reliability, and punctuality. This article delves into the unique offerings that make Pelorus Chauffeurs stand out in Bolton.

The Pelorus Chauffeurs Legacy

Founded in Southport after nearly 25 years in the Royal Navy Submarine Service, Pelorus Chauffeurs brings a unique military ethos to their service. This ethos, combined with a positive ‘can do attitude’, provides clients with an unmatched experience. A significant number of their drivers are also veterans from the UK Armed Forces, adding a wealth of knowledge and exceptional experience to their services.

Commitment to the Armed Forces Community

In line with their military roots, Pelorus Chauffeurs remains committed to supporting the Military and wider Armed Forces community. They have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, a pledge that manifests their enthusiasm towards this commitment. This dedication extends to their services, where they showcase their reliability, punctuality, and integrity.

Operating in Bolton

Despite being based in Southport, Pelorus Chauffeurs operates across the UK, including Bolton. The company prides itself on offering reliable services on a daily basis, whether clients need a single car or a fleet of executive vehicles.

Unmatched Experience

The drivers at Pelorus Chauffeurs have had the honour of driving for a diverse range of clients. This includes Film & TV Stars, world-renowned musicians, Premier League Footballers, Politicians, Royalty, and even a US President. Their aim is always to surpass customer expectations, rather than just meeting them.

Key Highlights of Pelorus Chauffeurs in Bolton

  1. Exceptional blend of military ethos and ‘can do’ attitude.
  2. Strong commitment to the Armed Forces community.
  3. Reliable and punctual services.
  4. Experience with a diverse range of clientele.
  5. Goal to exceed, not just meet, customer expectations.


In conclusion, Pelorus Chauffeurs sets an impressive standard for luxury car service in Bolton. With their unique approach, commitment to the Armed Forces community, and a wealth of experience, they promise an unmatched experience for every client. Choose Pelorus Chauffeurs for your luxury car service needs in Bolton and experience the difference.

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